Worker's Compensation Services

Gwinnett Urgent Care is the perfect place to evaluate and treat worker's compensation cases. Our healthcare team is accustomed to getting patients back to health and back to work quickly.

We accept workers compensation insurance and ensure everything is taken care of efficiently and correctly. We maintain an employer protocol file, and can perform drug and alcohol testing as requested. We can also fax detailed reports including treatments, recommended work restrictions and follow up plans to the employer after each employee visit.

Services Overview

At Gwinnett Urgent Care, our team offers quick and convenient care for your employees at a cost up to two-thirds less than what it would cost if they were sent to an emergency room. This can benefit your bottom line (or your insurer's bottom line) tremendously while providing your employee with excellent, documented care and a speedy return to work.

Working with Employers

We take the time to establish a relationship with the employer and document their instructions with regard to worker's compensation injuries such as return-to-work policies, light-duty programs and drug policies.

Our professional staff, extended hours and wide array of offered services (medical care, x-rays, laboratory services & pharmacy) enable us to handle almost all work-related injuries under one roof. This is not only convenient, it also prevents inflated costs for employees, employers and insurers.

Our urgent care team is always available to employers for consultation. To achieve the most benefit and cost savings from our workers compensation services, we can easily set-up a commercial account for your company.

Please contact us for more information.