The Benefits of Visiting an Urgent Care Clinic

For many patients who need quick care but don’t necessarily require extensive emergency medical intervention, an urgent care walk-in clinic offers the perfect solution to fill the gap between your general practitioner and the hospital emergency room.
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How to Use Telemedicine Services

Urgent care centers offer many services to patients including X-rays, broken bone treatment, and flu shots, but did you know that urgent care centers also offer telemedicine services?
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Diagnostic Services Provided at Urgent Care Clinics

When you’re enjoying an evening run and twist your ankle, you’re thankful for a local urgent care center. If your throat gets scratchy and your body aches between your lunch hour and quitting time, you’re grateful for quality medical care that’s available after work.
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Understanding the Difference between Allergies and a Sinus Infection

Sometimes it's hard to tell the differences between seasonal allergies and a sinus infection. Both these conditions have symptoms that mimic each other.
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Should You Visit an Urgent Care Center or the ER?

Any quick-arising medical situation can be disconcerting. After all, we often take our health for granted, and when there’s a sudden change in our status, it can be hard not to panic.
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